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“Making A Million Look Small”

Here’s your chance to rub elbows with

Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Mary Morrissey, and Gay Hendricks

for TWO AND A HALF DAYS – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 22nd, 23rd and 24th,  2013…

…as you learn firsthand how to harness the most powerful wealth-creating forces in the universe!

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0184Everyone knows there’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” to pursue your dreams and goals … but did you know the right way to achieve wealth is actually the easiest way? Well, it’s true.

(And perhaps not surprisingly this fact is one of the hardest for the “non-achievers” of the world to accept … which is why they often remain “lifetime strugglers” rather than achievers!)

You’ve been dreaming about being wealthy long enough –
now isn’t it time you were?

Look, it’s probably safe to say: MOST people dream of being wealthy … “someday”.

I think it’s equally safe to say: MOST of these people never do anything to GET there … so “someday” never arrives.


Of those who DO get out there and actually make an effort to become wealthy, even when they have “some idea” about the natural success laws … the majority STILL never achieve their goals.

You see, there are five primary mistakes most people make when trying to access the Law of Attraction and other natural laws to manifest a new life:

  • They try to “force” it to happen (almost trying to bend the Universe to their will).
  • They underestimate the attractive power of emotion. (Warning: it can work either for you or against you, so you really need to understand this one!)
  • They don’t really believe in what they’re asking for.
  • They try to accomplish things “in a vacuum” (by which I mean they try to do everything themselves, rather than seeking help from other like-minded action-oriented goal-seekers.)
  • They try to dictate HOW their goal will come to them.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0254That’s why the four of us originally put together the “Making A Million Look Small” program – to help people overcome these issues once and for all. And it must be working because we hear comments like these, all the time:

  • “This is the most amazing program I’ve ever invested in!”
  • “BLESS you guys for putting this course on.”
  • “Amazing – I’m having breakthrough after breakthrough.”

Of course, not everyone who wanted to take this course was able to get in … and others just couldn’t afford the enrollment at the time. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out completely on everything the program offers.

Introducing the life-changing
“Making A Million Look Small, Live In L.A.” event

Get ready for 2 1/2 days of the most intense, jam-packed wealth-creation strategies this side of anywhere!

Here’s your chance to learn from four of the greatest Masters of Manifestion and Transformation – Peggy McColl, Gay Hendricks, Mary Morrissey, and Bob Proctor.

It’s the live, face-to-face version of our ground-breaking 90-day “Making A Million Look Small” course … condensed down to the most potent essentials … packed into a single, 2 1/2 day event … and hopefully lighting a powder keg of excitement, belief, and money-making mindset strategies underneath you.

You won’t be hearing ANY theoretical “fluff” here – these secrets are proven to get results. Please understand: These are the very same techniques the four of us use every day to manifest all the abundant wealth we enjoy.

So we’re not saying “We think these strategies work” – we KNOW they do. They can work for ANYONE … including YOU! Once you understand this, and BELIEVE it, you’ll be off and running.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-1251-That’s why you’ll also be hearing from participants in the “Making A Million Look Small” program as they tell their stories of transformation and wealth-creation … to INSPIRE you, ENCOURAGE you, and hopefully help MOVE you to that “next level” and beyond.

You’ve likely heard it before: “The fastest path to Mastery … is following in the footsteps of the Masters themselves.”

And no one is better-qualified to help you with this than these four Master Manifestors of personal change, wealth, and all the good things in life!

Because between the four of us – Mary, Gay, Peggy, and Bob – we have more than 163 years of studying, applying, and teaching these natural laws that are the key to having ANYTHING you want in Life!

Now let’s meet your hosts for this weekend…

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0193Mary Morrissey has been a popular speaker, best-selling author, and consultant for over three decades. Her reputation as one of the leading teachers in the human potential movement virtually ensures that her transformational workshops are always packed to the rafters.

She has worked with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, met with Nelson Mandela, and even spoken at the United Nations THREE TIMES!

Gay Hendricks has published over 30 books, garnering praise from such celebrities as Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and Bonnie Raitt … as well as from thousands of “ordinary folks” around the world.

He has also guided approximately 80 authors through the whole writing and publication process.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0248-Peggy McColl is a New York Times and internationally best-selling author and business coach, with eight books and several multimedia training programs to her credit, translated into 33 foreign languages and sold in more than 82 countries.

She has helped launch more than 100 transformational books onto bestseller lists for such phenomenally successful authors as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, and even Gay Hendricks … as well as many previously unknown first-time authors.

Her greatest passion is helping others turn their passions into wildly profitable income streams built on honesty, value, and integrity.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-1411-And Bob Proctor, of course, is the popular star of “The Secret”. He’s been studying, practicing, and teaching self-development strategies, success principles, and practical everyday application of the Law of Attraction for more than 50 years!

The thing is – it doesn’t matter “where you come from” … only “where you’re going”. All four of us are from totally different backgrounds, up-bringing, and educations.

Gay Hendricks, for example, has a Doctorate in Psychology from Stanford University … while Bob on the other hand spent two enjoyable months at Technical School in Toronto.

Yet Gay is quick to point out:

“I’ve learned more from listening to Bob Proctor for an hour than I ever did in two and a half years getting my PhD at Stanford, in terms of what actually makes a difference in life. The Stanford thing left me clueless as to how human beings actually operate. If I had to choose over again, I’d just give Stanford the $100,000 for the diploma … then go take an intensive with Bob about how life really works.”

Because all four of us honestly believe the reason we’ve been placed on this earth is to make a positive contribution to other people’s lives, we want to help YOU now achieve the same things yourself.

As one of our “Making A Million Look Small” students, Barb Bolin, says … we practice what we preach, and more than live up to our promise to over-deliver.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0293So the only thing holding you back is…?

Y’know, we’re not being mean or trite when we say “The only thing holding you back from achieving your dreams is … YOU!” The fact is MOST people “get in their own way” … totally ignoring the requirements of The Law of Allowing. Instead, they try dictating HOW their dreams should manifest.

But once you’ve told God, or the universe, exactly what you want … you’ve got to allow it to “do its thing” … in its own way. Let’s face it: If you want something BIG to happen, there are always a myriad of little things that have to happen first … whether you like it or not.

See, the thing is … if every time something happens that the universe deems necessary for this ultimate thing to happen for you, and every time an opportunity is placed in front of you like this … if you fight it and fight it and fight against it, just because you don’t see the value or necessity of it, then what you’re actually doing is interfering with the rest of the things that need to happen.

My way or the highway? (NOT!)

When you do that, you’re basically telling the universe “It’s my way or the highway! Here’s what I want, and here’s how I want it to happen!” But that’s just not how it works. Once you let God or the universe know what you want, you have to be willing to accept, and “ALLOW” whatever else happens along the way … simply trusting that each is a necessary step.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0570-This is actually one of the biggest hurdles for those who struggle with wealth-creation. As Bob points out, 9 out of 10 people who do a pretty good job of living according to the other natural laws still struggle with this one, and just end up “getting in their own way” … ultimately making this one of the most critical of the natural laws.

So yes, you’re going to be given a number of simple strategies for getting over this common hurdle.

This 2 1/2 day intensive seminar is designed to get you what you want in the shortest possible time, in an easy and relaxed manner. (I’m not referring here to the weekend, itself – THAT will be anything BUT “relaxed”, I’m sure.)

Develop those subconscious habits and perspectives that just naturally lead to greater success in everything you do

Our #1 goal during this “Making A Million Look Small, Live In L.A.” weekend is to TOTALLY transform your thinking AND results as you discover how to

    • Remove those toxic mental poisons that have been destroying your dreams … and instantly begin turning your life around into one of abundance and wealth
    • Immediately engage the “Process of Creation”… creating only what you really want and eliminating as many of those things you don’t want as possible.
    • Program yourself to take the “right” action – doing the things that move you toward your goals (instead of away from them like most people) – Quickly, Persistently, and Consistently
    • Learn the one most powerful question you can ask, that moves you to taking massive action and becoming a goal-achieving super-machine!
    • Become truly AWARE (This can be one of the most powerful forces you will ever unleash in achieving your dreams.)
    • Develop unwavering Faith that the good things you desire are already “on their way” … even when it seems the odds are stacked against you, and you’ve tried everything you could think of.
    • Identify and Overcome those mental blocks and self-sabotaging habits that have been holding you back.

And most importantly…

Realize “a million dollars” is simply not the insurmountable peak
you may have once thought it was…

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0078-Many people who haven’t yet done it are surprised to learn that your first million is generally your hardest to create. That’s because they see it as this huge, steep-sided mountain before them – reaching to the heavens, utterly insurmountable.

But once you reach the top, once you make that first million … you suddenly realize it wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as you had once thought.

The speed at which you create anything in your life is in direct proportion to your ability to understand such basic principles of success as the Laws of Reciprocity, Abundance, Allowing, and more. Once understood, they make manifesting what you want miraculously fast.

And one of the very first you’ll begin applying is the Law of Proximity … which basically says you become like those you associate with.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0039-In other words, when you want to live the life of a millionaire, you need to find a millionaire or two to hang around with. (Both the good news and the bad, depending on how you apply it is that your income will roughly match that of the five or six people you spend most of your time with!)

Now just imagine what could begin happening in your life when you get to spend an entire weekend “hobnobbing” with FOUR MULTI-millionaires!

And of course all those other folks attending this seminar with you are like-minded, and striving for the same sort of success YOU are. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet each other and form supportive “Mastemind Groups” that can get together on a regular basis via Skype, or other avenues.

You can bet the room will be crackling with energy, excitement, and a can-do attitude that pervades every waking moment of the weekend, and fills you to over-flowing.

Here are SEVEN MORE ways you’ll gain

This seminar could change your life forever, as you discover how to…

    • State your “Life Intentions” … in a way that convinces the universe to make them happen!
    • Get crystal clear on your goals – learn how to properly and clearly define them. (Most of us fail miserably at achieving our goals because we never REALLY set them in an effective manner!)
    • Create your own magic.
    • Develop your 7 Disciplines for Success – daily and weekly rituals that transform your default patterns into habits for success.
    • Build the kind of powerful, deep-down inner self confidence that makes you utterly unstoppable!
    • Get the tools to recognize your roadblocks … and proven strategies for smashing through every one of them quickly and easily.
    • Eliminate, once and for all, the negativity that used to kill your confidence like a heart attack and keep you from ever achieving your dreams and goals.

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0612This “Making A Million Look Small, Live In L.A.” event will show you precisely how to accelerate the achievement of your goals and help you reach higher levels of financial freedom and personal success in far less time than you ever dared imagine possible.

So now I’m asking you…

Are you ready to finally
leave behind all the negativity that’s been holding you back?



What you discover here could let loose an avalanche of abundance for you … and keeping it flowing continuously.

Please join us for this potentially life-changing weekend.

Your registration is just $1,997 for the entire 2-day event.

But you absolutely must book now as seating is definitely limited and this event will fill up fast!

And the host hotel – the Torrance Marriott South Bay (10 miles south of LAX) in Los Angeles – is offering a special discounted rate for anyone attending “Making A Million Look Small, Live In L.A.”

When: Friday, March 22nd from 7pm until 9pm and again Saturday & Sunday March 23rd & 24th | 9am-5pm both days. (Registration begins at 5pm on Friday)
Where:  Torrance Marriott South Bay
(The discounted rate only is available for a short while, so book early)

3635 Fashion Way · Torrance, California 90503 USA 1-310-316-3636
Investment: $1,997 (limited availability)

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles, California, March 22nd, 23rd and 24th!

P.S. – You could easily spend the next 20-30 years researching these fundamental secrets to success on your own … and still not have achieved all you want. OR…

You can spend a single weekend with us, soaking up our CENTURY PLUS of combined experiences, and begin manifesting a life filled with joy, abundance, and success right away.

P.P.S. – Here are just a few more quick quotes from our Making A Million Look Small students:

“I LOVE the support in this group, constantly reminding me that all is well, and it’s really okay to achieve so much abundance!!”

2012-02-18-Making-Million-0026-“I am developing a whole new way of thinking.”

“I’m full of SO much Gratitude for you! Wonderful class!”

“Thank you so much for opening me to ‘the universal spacious ocean of pure awareness’!”

“I really appreciate all you are sharing and feel so grateful for this class.”

“Lovely, thank you thank you thank you. I’m buzzing with Gratitude…”

“THANKS A MILLION!!! for a great class!”

“Thank you so much for answering all our questions! I do feel that today is the beginning of an abundant life for me and all of us in this course! God Bless You!”

Still have questions? Email Amy (our Program Coordinator) at amy@makingamillionlooksmall.com

See you in L.A.


Disclaimer:  Anytime there is an invitation to participate in a program that could increase our financial results, we are morally and legally responsible to inform you that the results you create are entirely up to you, the inspired action you take, your level of awareness, your skill-sets, and other factors.  The examples given are not typical.  They are examples of people who mastered these principles, and are in no way a guarantee that you will create the same results.  We will show you the path, but legally we do not promise that you will increase your results.  Again, your results are completely up to you, the effort you put in, your level of awareness, and the action you take.