About Us

Between the four of us - Mary, Gay, Peggy, and Bob - we have more than 163 years of studying, applying, and teaching these natural laws that are the key to living a life of your choosing. One of your own design, instead of by default.

Gay Hendricks, for example, has a Doctorate in Psychology from Stanford University.

Bob on the other hand enjoyed his two months of Technical School in Toronto

Yet Gay is quick to point out: "I've learned more from listening to Bob Proctor for an hour than I ever did in two and a half years getting my PhD at Stanford, in terms of what actually makes a difference in life.

The Stanford thing left me clueless as to how human beings actually operate. If I had to choose over again, I'd just give Stanford the $100,000 for the diploma... then go take an intensive with Bob about how life really works."

These are the transformational experts offering to take you by the hand and lead you straight to the future of your dreams.

Still have questions? Email Amy (our Program Coordinator) at amy@makingamillionlooksmall.com

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