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Below are the links for the weekly lessons. Access to these classes will be given to you now, however, we recommend you listen to one class per week to truly absorb each lesson.

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Class Descriptions and links:


Class 1 –Peggy McColl, Welcome, Orientation – How You Can Get the Most From this Program

Class 2 –Bob Proctor- Miracles of the Mind

Class 3 –Gay Hendricks, The Three Stages Of
Manifestation: How To Make Each One Work For You

Class 4 –Mary Morrissey, The Art and Science of Raising Your “Set Point” for Allowing Much Greater Financial Flow

Class 5 –Gay Hendricks, The Accidental Multi-
Millionaire: How To Create Wealth Without Budgets, Business Plans Or Worries

Class 6 –Bob Proctor, Why Fear Stops Us & How to Keep Going

Class 7 –Peggy McColl, Accessing and Amplifying the Inner Magnetic Power Within you to Attract More Abundance

Class 8 –Mary Morrissey, The Four Keys For Moving From Wanting to Having

Class 9–Gay Hendricks, Mission Embodiment: The Crucial Step For Success

Class 10 –Peggy McColl, Developing Deep Levels of Faith

Class 11 –Bob Proctor, Stuckbusting & Reduce it to Ridiculous

Class 12 –Mary Morrissey, The Inner Architecture of Increasing Success

You will also be receiving emails from our Program Coordinator Amy Lusk with more information.

There will be an open Q & A at the conclusion of the course.

If you have any questions please contact our Program Coordinator, Amy Lusk at

Wishing you great success with manifesting EVERYTHING you desire!

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